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Frequently Asked Questions


Do you provide maps?

We lend paper maps out with all our units. We do try to recycle and reuse them so we do ask for them back. We go over the maps thoroughly with you and can highlight suggested routes based on what you would like to see/do. If you are not renting from us we do not provide maps, please contact the Forest Service office at (605) 673-9200 for maps. 

Do you have GPS Available?

We do not provide GPS with our units. However there is a free app that the US Forest Service produces that we can gladly help you download on your smart phone. Once downloaded we will help you install the correct maps for our area and will help you learn to easily navigate the app. 

*This app will work regardless of your cellular service, it is an offline app that doesn't require a cell signal.

Can we take a cooler?

Yes, you can take coolers with you. All our units have a utility bed and we will provide you with bungee cords and straps to secure them.

Can we go into Custer State Park?

Yes, all of our units are street legal. You must stick to the paved and gravel roads in the Park. It is illegal to travel "off-road" in the Park or on gravel roads specified for "Park use Only".

Do you charge a damage deposit?

We reserve the right to charge a refundable damage deposit of up $2500.00 per rental unit. The damage deposit will be charged per machine for any group reservations. This may be paid in cash or charge, the deposit will be refunded (less any damages) pending the return inspection completed after cleaning of the unit.  

Can my kids drive?

All renters/drivers must be at least 21 years of age. The only people authorized to drive the units are those that are listed and have signed the rental agreements. In the event of an unauthorized driver, the contract and insurance policy is void and the renter is responsible for the full price of the unit.